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Join HIAEYC to help build better futures for all young children‚ and all of us.

Since 1926, HIAEYC has led the way toward a vision of excellence in early childhood education. Our 100,000-plus members are teachers, administrators, parents, policymakers, and others committed to bringing high-quality early education and care to all young children.

Why is Membership in our Professional Association Important?

  • We provide the state knowledge, perspective, and guidance to improve Early Childhood Education on every island.
  • We provide a voice for the needs of young children and their families throughout the state.
  • Your membership broadens our reach, deepens our knowledge of the field, and sharpens our perspective.
  • Your membership also improves your resumé.

What Benefits Come from Investing in our Professional Association?

  • Opportunities to contribute to an organization working to improve the lives of young children and their families.
  • Opportunities to network with other professionals to expand your resources for knowledge and support.
  • Opportunities to collaborate with other professionals in the field, both locally and nationally to put power to the profession.
  • Opportunities to learn new leadership skills, and share these skills with other professionals.

How Does Membership Align with National & State Systems & Initiatives?

  • Meshes with NAEYC Accreditation
  • Supports Hawaii’s Core Knowledge and Competencies
  • Provides a voice to educate legislators and leaders on Early Childhood Education needs and perspectives
  • Provides member support to understand state and federal initiatives that impact the Early Childhood community.
  • Provides opportunities to address issues and concerns unique to Hawai‘i.

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