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HIAEYC has a number of standing committees and subcommittees, and we are always looking for members in good standing to come and lend a hand. If you have specific knowledge and skill in a particular area, and are willing to help out, click the button below and let us know what you are interested in doing. This is a great opportunity to network with some amazing people from across your island, and across the state. Here are some ideas to get you thinking, then click the button and tell us what committee you would like to be on.

This committee is tasked with organizing and publicizing statewide events and activities that enrich HIAEYC membership. This includes the quarterly newsletter, statewide virtual workshops, the book club, and more. Want to help out with the statewide annual Early Childhood Conference? We have a subcommittee that just handles that.

This committee centers around state and federal action on early childhood issues. Our job is to keep legislators informed of our experiences and needs across our diverse profession. On the other hand, we keep our members informed of initiatives and legislation coming up for consideration and vote, so they can use their voices effectively. You don't need to be involved in politics. We don't campaign or protest. We do keep accurate information flowing.

This committee is tasked with promoting a healthy and diverse organization through competent leadership. We seek out qualified people to serve on the State Board of Director, and ensure fair and accurate elections to open board seats.

This committee oversees all aspects of fund control and management for our organization. If you like to play with numbers and have a secret love for accounting and bookkeeping, this is the committee for you.

Each county will have a County Representative to the State Board of Directors. This representative is tasked with developing and implementing local activities and events. If you want to focus on your island, join your county's committee.

Become a Member! Help build a better future for all young children - and all of us.

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